Eagles Sermons


The Chief Shepherd will carry you

"To the earth-walking Christian,

ankle-deep in dust,

who has never seen heaven opened

or beheld a vision of God,

this will seem all out of order,too

emotional, too extreme.

But it is the way of the strong

eagles of the kingdom, the prophets,

the apostles, the reformers and revivalists.

These fly high and see far,

and that they are not understood

is no great wonder.

The sky-loving eagle,

screaming in the sun, may be a

puzzle to the contented

biddy scratching in the yard,

but that is no good

argument against the eagle."

from: Wingspread by A.W. Tozer

God Bless you and keep you and may His face shine upon you and give you peace  Nu. 6:24-25