The Carpenter                                  by Frances Hook

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Art Work's Bio:  In 1979, Frances Hook was commissioned by Roman, Inc., to apply her talents to limited collector editions. Among the most noteworthy of the Mrs. Hook's creations under this commission was her heralded portrait of Christ entitled "The Carpenter." This image, which began as a chalk drawing on brown wrapping paper has been referred to as the definitive portrait of Christ created in the 20th century. Hook said she tried to capture "His humanity as much as His divinity."  

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Condition:  I would describe the print to be in mint condition since it has been professionally encased in a beautiful dark brown wooden frame - complete with deluxe matting & glass - since it was purchased. (The frame is in very good to mint condition - considering it has been hanging on the wall these past years.) Print size is approximately 24" X 20". The framed print measures approximately 32" X 28" X 1.5".




Frances Hook Signature



God Bless you and keep you and may His face shine upon you and give you peace  Nu. 6:24-25